Apr 06
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Feb 25

How To Smash A Zoom/Teams Virtual Interview

More and more organisations are moving to running their recruitment and selection online, so it’s very prudent to consider a few points in your preparation if you are to maximise your chance of success. Like everything in life, and especially for interviews, diligent preparation is key. Here are a few... read more →
Oct 29

Just Be Yourself – The Worse Interview Advice EVER!

Let’s be honest, interviews are a very strange concept and very unlike how you tend to speak normally to friends and family. You have around sixty minutes to talk about some of your awesome past achievements and to big yourself up at every opportunity. The sun should literally shine out... read more →
Apr 20
Jan 27

Why Do Great Candidates Fail Thier Selection Process?

Why do I spend all my time coaching candidates to ‘b the best they can be’ and help them perform at their very best through a selection process? Well, I used to own a recruitment agency and have worked with, interviewed and placed thousands of candidates into job roles within... read more →
Jan 13

Planning For Success

Last year I completed an Ironman consisting of a 3.8k swim, 180k cycle and a 42K run triathlon - a real challenge. But interestingly the hardest part was not so much the physical aspect on the day itself (although that I’m not saying that was a breeze!) but finding the... read more →
Dec 16

3 Top Tips For Interview Success

The most common question that we are asked here at bselected towers is “What are your top tips for success at interview or assessment centre?” So here are 3 simple tips to help you ‘b’ the best you can be. 1 Focus Your Preparation Most of the clients that contact... read more →
Dec 09

Assessment Centre Role-Plays: What’s the big deal?

Role-plays or interactive exercises are often a part of a selection process. So it makes sense to be prepared for them. The basic principle of a role-play or interactive exercise is that you are due to meet an individual, for example a peer, direct report or partner, and there is... read more →
Dec 02

Striving for Simplicity In The Interview Process

Take a look at this definition of simplicity: The contradiction here though is that simplicity, making things easy to understand,  is not simple. Keeping or making things simple is hard – it’s much easier to do what you have always done. Making things simple takes commitment and energy to do... read more →